Color Codes

Tying a string around your finger as a reminder is an ancient tradition, thought to keep an idea from escaping — literally tying the idea to yourself.

The String-Ring is a cue to remind yourself and those who notice it, to be kind to one another. To do a kind act, say, or even think something kind. Each color of string represents a specific kindness reminder.

Colors signify different things from culture to culture. When choosing the color string to be worn on your String-Ring, keep in mind some of these common meanings to communicate your intentions.

  • peace, life & simplicity

    Remember to be Kind to Yourself

    Slow down, take a deep breath, and relax tense muscles. Take time for yourself everyday to just be in silence.

  • black.png
    depth, introspection & harmony

    Remember to Enjoy

    Absorb every moment. Accept and enjoy it, and learn from it. And, most of all, share what you’ve learned.

  • empathy

    Remember to be Tolerant

    We come from different places, but from one common source.

  • Remember to Laugh
    energy & enthusiasm

    Remember to Laugh

    Laughter is the best medicine. Especially when you laugh at yourself!

  • love

    Remember to be Kind

    Always be kind to others. After all, kindness generates more kindness.

  • nature

    Remember to be Respectful of the Environment

    All things have value and should always be respected.

  • optimism

    Remember to be Grateful

    Count your blessings and be thankful for the goodness in others.

  • wisdom & understanding

    Remember to Forgive

    This is a gift you give to all. Even yourself.

  • tranquility

    Remember to be Patient

    Use tense moments as time to practice deep breathing and relaxation. This gives you time to think before you react.

  • giving

    Remember to Give

    Gold is the color of wealth. You have something to give: attention, knowledge, time, money, or even a smile. It's only yours so that you can give it.